Read This When You Are Finding It Difficult To Love Yourself

Self love is such a difficult process to navigate, not only because it takes time, and patience, and tenderness, but because there’s also this shame that seems to grow within us when we cannot find it. We are constantly sold this idea of self love — it’s relayed to us on social media, in advertising, within the music we hear and the shows we watch. The world is constantly saying “Just love yourself” and so when we can’t, or when it’s difficult, we feel sad, or guilty for not being able to achieve that or see ourselves the way other see us. It can be deeply confusing. But the truth is — we’ve all been hurt and we’ve all dealt with things that have convinced us we are hard to love, and we deal with so much comparison on a daily basis. It is understandable that we’ve in a way grown distant from our own souls, from our own hearts. It’s a very human thing to struggle with. So, below we’ve written out some tips that are meant to affirm you on your self love journey, and encourage you to give yourself the love you so effortlessly give others. Because you deserve it — you always have.