6 Little Ways You’re Not Respecting Yourself And Your Worth While Dating

2. You go on dates with people you’re not interested in

I hear a lot of my friends talk about going on dates that they’re not excited about. And I really don’t understand this.

Sure, people can surprise you. But I think that happens more so accidentally, not on a date where you’re going in with the mindset of being uninterested.

And this doesn’t just happen on first dates.

One of my friends dated a guy she knew from college she wasn’t that interested in romantically. They made it well into the fifth date simply because she held out hope that their history as friends would make them a great match.

Spoiler alert: That never happened.

We all have preferences and attractions for a reason. If you’re disinterested in someone, cut them loose. It’s not fair to you or them.

You deserve butterflies; they deserve interest.