5 Reasons Your Next Boyfriend Is Going To Be An Emotionally Abusive Douchebag

You’re starting to feel cursed, huh? You keep getting your heart broken again and again. Each time it feels different. Each time you think you finally got it right. He’s so charming. He’s so different from all the others. Then a few months down the road, you find yourself head-over-heels in love with a guy who treats you like garbage, and you still can’t seem to let go of him.

“Why does this keep happening to me?” — You, after the next jerk breaks your heart

Before I go into the five reasons this might be happening to you, I want you to understand deeply that this is not about victim-blaming. None of this means that you deserved what you got, but if you’re beginning to feel like you’ve been a relationship punching bag, we’re going to focus on what may have made you an easy target for emotionally abusive D-bags and how to change it so you can break this cycle and find real love.