5 Reasons Your Next Boyfriend Is Going To Be An Emotionally Abusive Douchebag

Your ex never took you on dates? You’ve got a reservation at Nobu. Your ex made you feel ugly or unappreciated? They’ll leave notes about how beautiful you are and send you flowers. They’ll be on their best behavior, as long as it serves them to keep up the act.

I understand if this is all sounding pessimistic, but I want you to know what to look out for. Real, lasting love is usually low-octane. It may even seem boring sometimes. We all want to make love under a waterfall, but how do you feel about each other when you’re watching Drag Race eating TV dinners or folding laundry?

It’s not a bunch of woo-woo yoga babble to think about the difference in the kind of partner or relationship little heartbroken, downtrodden you is going to attract vs. the partner you’ll attract once you’re living your best life. Imagine entering a relationship from a place of self-love and personal power. Nothing to change, nothing to do, nothing to fix.