5 Reasons Your Next Boyfriend Is Going To Be An Emotionally Abusive Douchebag

My wish for anyone reading this is that you will love yourself enough to say “no” to relationships you’re not ready for, no matter how badly you may want one. Work on yourself. Make sure you’re living your own life now. Don’t wait for someone to come along and give you a life to live. Find what brings you joy and do more of it. Figure out who you are and be more of it.

Learn how to say “no” and have boundaries. Don’t let any lover cause you to sacrifice your dignity, morals, values, or self-esteem.

Put at least as much energy into your friendships and family relationships as you would a romantic relationship. When your friendships are flourishing, you don’t need a partner as badly, and when you don’t need a partner, you’re finally ready for one.