5 Reasons Your Next Boyfriend Is Going To Be An Emotionally Abusive Douchebag

All this high-octane romance is pounding your brain with dopamine, causing you to ignore the fact that you’re not really getting to know each other on a deeply personal level. You may be ignoring red flags, like how he was kind of a dick to the waitstaff. You may be having a really good time, but are you actually compatible?

Once he’s got you hooked, expect him to turn down the gas immensely. He may even turn cold suddenly, but not until after your low self-regard has you putting him way up high on a pedestal, exactly where he needs to be.

With your self-esteem in the dumps, you’ll all but worship him, and he can easily convince you that every little problem you face as a couple is your fault. Why wouldn’t you agree with him if your inner-voice is always telling you you’re not good enough for him? Your insecurities will become his weapons.