These 10 Green Flags Mean It Might Be Time To Give The Relationship A Shot

7. They can reflect on past relationships objectively

When discussing past relationships, you want to be with someone who will not play the victim, someone who can tell you how they grew from that past interaction; how the other person’s perspective was different from theirs and what they learned. This is a quality to search for because it tells you that a person is learning from life. Someone who can vividly see what they could have done differently in their past relationship will treat your current relationship with care, attention, and effort.

8. They are depositing as much as they withdraw

Relationships are a give and take dynamic, you get into them with the hopes to get certain needs met and the willingness to add to their lives. If you are constantly giving and getting nothing in return you will eventually outgrow that person. Pick a partner who values the relationship enough to add to it more than they want to take.